Episode 5: Wanna See a Magic Trick?

August 29, 2016

Tyler is gonna rant! 
Brandon talks about not being able to talk about sports! 
The guys get Philosophical on this one, and by philosophical we mean; they get really angry about working in retail...and by the "guys" we mean "Tyler", Brandon's kinda cool with it. 

And of course the guys play Movie pitch (new intro music included) and YOU get to choose who won!  

Episode 4: I see Dead People

July 15, 2016

Help! We're stuck in a cave today! That, or our producer David turned our mics up too much and you get to hear each of us twice as much! THINK ABOUT IT, TWO Brandons and TWO Tylers... that would be pretty sick...
Anyway, Camron, Tyler's little brother hangs out in the back ground while Tyler talks about getting talked about on the radio. Brandon talks about his favorite movies, while making fun of Tyler's favorite.  Then they get serious and talk about their inspirations, but don't worry, it gets funny again.
Camron challenges Brandon to Movie Pitch and finds out that it's hard than it seems.
Enjoy this month's Vision Obscure Podcast, ya Bam Bams!


Episode 3: Rosebud.

July 2, 2016

Things heat up when brand makes a list of his own! not just of things that make him sad, because if Tyler's gonna be happy, then Brandon's gonna be depressed, but also a list of things he hated about the new TMNT movie.
Tyler kinda coasts on this episode, so don't expect much from him, except talking about his book... again.
And the guys finally start cleaning out the actor bag on "Movie Pitch" so we might see some new actors for once!


Episode 2: Here’s looking at you, kid.

May 30, 2016

Welcome back! This episode we're joined by Tyler's cousin... in law... twice... kinda... MATT JOHNSON! 

The guys talk about everything from almost getting shot by family, to Daniel's mom's tacos... its really not as dirty as it sounds. 
Tyler has created a list of things that make him happy, cause hes depressed and has OCD, and he has nothing better to do with his life. 
Brandon totally wins at Movie Pitch! If anyone could actually win, but they can't, so in reality, Brandon did not win Movie Pitch! 
Here's to Episode 2 kid!

Episode 1: Do ya feel lucky, Punk?

April 12, 2016

This week we interview Captain America himself! (so 'bout that, the interview got canceled cause Tyler forgot to ask for Cap's number... also for the interview all together)
Brandon talks about his favorite Superman movies, and how to hack life, and Tyler gets really depressed and talks about his least favorite book.
The guys play Movie Pitch and make David join in... kinda... and we have some shout outs to our favorite listeners, all both of them!


Episode Zero- This time it’s personal

March 29, 2016

Brandon and Tyler talk about their experiences and new projects to try and make money and get famous. Unfortunately their ADD tends to keep them from making any real progress.
Welcome to episode Zero!
this week we talk about meeting, fighting, and being completely unsuccessful in our lives. We also play a game that Brandon himself created! also David tries to escape through the air vent...